About us

Nestled in the amazing Collingwood community, Galaxy Allstars is moving into our 4th season and is becoming a force to be reckoned with! Our continuous growth is a testament to the program and the services that we provide. Starting as a micro-gym in 2017, we’ve officially and fully moved into the small gym category.

Staff who Care:

Your athlete will train in a safe, supportive, fun environment thanks to the heartfelt and tireless dedication of our outstanding staff. Galaxy staff & athletes pride themselves on the family atmosphere that is dedicated to growth and improvement on all fronts. Our coaches bring a wealth of experience and passion in cheerleading, gymnastics & health-related topics, and utilize their connections within the Canadian and the United States cheerleading industry to train, educate and inspire our athletes. We commit ourselves to being positive influences in your child’s life while supporting the life long relationships that will be built throughout the entire program. 

Program Growth:


Our philosophy of Drills Before Skills breaks down each skill into smaller training drills to help fine-tune each part of a skill. Once drills are perfected, the skill, being worked on that was so hard to achieve, now feels natural! We rely on the gymnastics training process to keep our athletes progressing at a rate that is both safe and engaging instead of ‘cheerleading tumbling’. We know that skills performed with this training process are not only strong but also visually appealing and provide natural progression for the next skill set.


Certifications through the internationally-recognized USASF (Cheerleading governance) and the long-standing gymnastics coaching specific NCCP training programs, provide peace of mind for our families. And, we are committed to attending various conferences throughout the year which provides creative outlets and wonderful networking opportunities for staff to elevate your athlete's experience.

Member Appreciation:

Our families play an integral part in our program and we are always are so appreciative of their support and all they bring to the Galaxy family.  We welcome feedback from parents to keep Galaxy relevant to their needs, and keeping abreast of industry changes that help bring a balance to our ever-changing Cheerleading world. 

The Galaxy Standard is more than just a statement, it's our truth.

Our facility offers so much more than just four walls and a floor. We are equipped with a full-sprung 7mat floor, tumbling track, competition-grade trampoline, and a multitude of mats, wedges, rolls and other wonderful training tools. These are all instrumental in developing skills in a safe and progressive way, while still keeping the process interesting and fun. No other club in the area has the amount of equipment we have on site so that we can help our athletes.




Here at Galaxy Allstars, our focus is not just about winning trophies. 

Our mission is to nurture confident, intelligent and successful young athletes, guiding them to their highest potential both on and off the mat.


Athletes will build a mindset that is team focused and motivating, while still promoting ownership of individual skills and behaviours.


Athletes will gain lifelong friendships while developing a strong work ethic and understanding that a team is only successful when hard work towards a common goal is achieved, all in a fun and safe environment. 


Small Gym Strong! We are proud to be a small gym, building relationships with each and every athlete and family that is a part of our Galaxy family. We keep teams small (15 athletes) as a benefit for athletes to learn and grow in a controlled and more individualized environment, and to keep the athlete bond trusted and true. 



Tel. 705-445-5554


95 Sandford Fleming Dr, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4V7





Monday - Friday 3:00 - 8:00

Saturday 9:00 - 5:00

Sunday 9:00 - 4:00